Social, Cruising and Racing

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Social, Cruising and Racing Events

TYC has a very vibrant and varied social calendar throughout the season. Events are planned and scheduled so that every skill level and age can participate throughout the year!

TYC social events are a perfect opportunity to meet other members, have good conversation, talk about sailing and boating in general, and spend time with friends and family.

They are also a great time to volunteer! Each event takes countless hours of planning, and on the day of a whole crew of volunteers are needed for set-up, food prep, event coordination, hosting, DJing, cleanup, etc.

There are three main events, held at the Club, which include a race during the day, and a dinner and dance in the evening.

Sailpast (June)
  • Morning:  sail by and salute to our Commodore in the morning 
  • Afternoon: Race
  • Evening: A formal affair with a catered meal, honouring the Board of Directors 
Round Howe Island (mid-August)
  • Morning/Afternoon: Circumnavigation Race around Howe Island 
  • Kids activities in the afternoon
  • Evening:  Light-hearted event with a fun theme, often with a barbeque or inexpensive meal. Great for families!
Final Fling (September)
  • Afternoon: Race
  • Evening: Lobster and Steak Dinner to celebrate the great season

In order to spread our cruising wings as a group past our immediate vicinity, we host two cruise events – one mini-cruise and one long-distance cruise.

Mini-Cruise (July)
  • Saturday event within 1-2 hours of the Club.
  • Members typically arrive on Friday and leave Sunday.
  • Afternoon: Activity within host location
  • Early Evening: Hors D’oeuvres Competition
  • Past locations have included Brakey Bay and Clayton, NY.
Long-Distance Cruise (August)
  • 3-day event typically within 5 hours of the Club.
  • Held on the long weekend in August.
  • Cruisers often take two days to reach the destination, with a planned pit stop on the Saturday,  organized event on the Sunday and return on the Monday.
  • Past locations have included Kerr Bay/Waupoos and Henderson Harbour, NY.

Over the course of the summer, we hold 3-4 TGIF events. These events are all held on Friday evenings and include a member BBQ (with salads and dessert provided) followed by a fun evening activity, and socializing at the Neptune’s Bar.

New Members’ Reception (May)

We welcome the new members joining the Club that year. They have a chance to introduce themselves and we present them with their Club birgee.


Canada Day Celebration (July 1st)

We celebrate our country with some festive treats and activities.


Corn Roast and Trivia Night (July)

For the BBQ, we roast local corn on the cob, and follow it with a rousing night of trivia in teams!


Trident’s Got Talent (Labour Day Weekend)

Calling all members, young and old who have a talent (or think they do)! This is a fabulous evening that features all ages of members and their many talents. We’ve seen singing, joke telling, gymnastics and even unicylcing (and much more)!

A Note about Racing Events

Racing can be exhilarating for seasoned sailing and a bit frightening for those less confident. That is what makes Trident great… our experienced racers are always around to help new racers and build skills if needed.

Sailing races are meant to provide a little competition before the main event dinner and are geared for fun and team-building.

You can either enter your own boat in the race, or crew for another member on their boat (that’s a great way to learn!).

A PowerBoater? You can crew on a race boat,  help out as a member of the race committee,  set-up and monitor the race course, or just watch the race action unfold. 

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