23 Feb 2014

TYC Building Renovation – Update to Members


Since our first report to you in January, we were successful in circulating bid documents for Phase One (washrooms) to pre-qualified firms. Four contractors submitted bids by January 28th. Unfortunately, all bids were significantly in excess of our budget amount for Phase One.

The Committee met with the Architect and asked him to provide feedback on why the quotes were beyond budget. Some early comments suggest that the scope of the project (Phase One) was not properly costed during the pre-bid/design phase. It was also noted that the scope of Phase One might not have been of significant scale to warrant larger firms carrying out this work on a cost-effective basis. It has been recommended that we would be wise to combine Phase One (washrooms) with Phase Two (front entrance) work in order to make the project more cost effective and provide a better economy of scale. We have also been advised that working at TYC in winter added some additional and unnecessary cost to the bids. We will continue our scrutiny analyzing known anomalies that led to this gap between our requirements and subsequent bids.

Next Steps

We have asked the Architect to revise the Phase One design in order to meet our budget requirement. The Architect has been cooperative and has agreed to do this re-work at no additional charge. We have also asked him to include third-party costing of all phases of the work in order that we may be assured going forward that our expectations will be met and the project delivered on budget.

The Committee will be making its final decision on combining Phase One and Phase Two work shortly once we have more information from the Architect and third-party costing. As it stands now there is no expectation that any work will be carried out this winter. Rather, it is highly likely that we would go back to market – seeking competitive bids from other bidders – to carry out the combined work beginning in the Fall. We will keep you informed of progress.

Due Diligence

The Committee is committed to ensuring that the various phases of the project are brought in against or under the budget authorized by the membership and will continue to provide the appropriate due diligence with respect to this important project.

Robert Toller Chair, TYC Building Committee