25 Jul 2015

Long Distance Cruise – Update

The Cruise to BQYC, Belleville via Prinyers Cove is a week away. In anticipation of the event the following is an update on both destinations and the social events at these destinations.

Saturday 1st August 2015 – Prinyers Cove
A number of TYC members have already made reservations at Prinyers Cove Marina. Don Houghton, owner has both wet moorings and docks. For availability call 613-476-6835 or email at barbdon@kos.net
Those who prefer to anchor can do so in the bay which provides excellent holding with the appropriate ground tackle and with the anchor set correctly even in a blow!

In the afternoon around 4pm -6pm ish, we shall be hosting an informal Cheese and Wine type event on the grounds of the marina near the docks. We’d like to add a European flavour to the event so I would ask if those attending would kindly bring a bottle of wine or 2 and food item/s from a region of your choice in Europe be it in France, Spain, and Portugal ….
This gives the option of adding a few other foodie opportunities such as Spanish or Portuguese tapas for us to all share and enjoy. Please drop me a quick email which region you choose. Coolers will be available with ice to help keep wine and food if necessary, cool.

Sunday 2nd August 2015 – BQYC, Belleville

The sail fleet captain of BQYC, Krissy Davis has been informed of all vessels and their dimensions currently signed up to stay at the club. It is noted that some members participating in the evening event have made alternative arrangements for docking elsewhere.
At last count we have 17 boats signed up for BQYC, 15 of which are scheduled to stay at BQYC. In discussions with Krissy she is confident that there is sufficient docking available to accommodate the fleet. She will also be on hand to assist with slip allocations as well as any rafting which may or may not be required. There is also space on the East wall of the harbour and a shuttle dingy will be provided by BQYC for the very short ride across to the club grounds.
TYC board members will be on hand to assist Krissy with docking and slip allocation. FYI, BQYC monitor VHF channel 68 which we shall be using during this procedure.
Obviously a degree of patience will be required during this process particularly if the majority of the fleet arrive around the same time!
We are very fortunate to be hosted by a club with some excellent facilities and the club house is no exception http://bqyc.ca/ . The evening event will start around 5 pm in or just outside the club house depending on weather conditions. A selection of appetizers’ will be available and the cash bar will be open. Weekends find many of the BQYC members milling around the clubhouse so it will be a great opportunity to chat with our hosts.
Dinner is round 6.30 pm and will be a BBQ meal consisting of a choice of steak or chicken, a variety of salads, local corn and desserts to follow. A bottle of table wine will also be included for a total cost of $35/person. For your convenience, this charge will be added to your TYC account. If any members have specific food requirements, please advise me ASAP so arrangements can be made.
Finally, I shall provide any updates throughout the week so stay tuned. Looking forward to a great weekend of sailing and fun. See you at Prinyers!
Peter Ferguson
TYC Fleet Captain