05 Nov 2017

Fire Extinguisher Recall in Canada and the US

Important information for TYC members and fellow sailors.

The Federal Government has expanded a Fire Extinguisher recall. The brands under this recall are commonly available in Canada so this is an important notice to members who may have one or more of the affected devices on board.

Check out the Government of Canada Recall website for information regarding an expanded recall of Kidde and Garrison branded fire extinguishers.

The recall covers models that have plastic handles.

Follow this link for all the information: http://bit.ly/2FjamEJ

11 Sep 2017

Subscribe to the TYC YouTube Channel

We have a new YouTube video channel that you can subscribe to.

Simply follow this link and select “Subscribe” to be added.  you will be notified when we post new videos on our channel.

If you don’t see the link above, copy and paste this address in your web browser:





28 Jul 2017

Long Distance Cruise Canceled

It seems to be a quite an oxymoron, but the high water levels are causing numerous problems around the lake and the planning of the Long Distance Cruise is no exception. Do ski hills have trouble with too much snow?

We will not be having a Long Distance Cruise this year because we have no remaining choices of destination that can accommodate a fleet of visitors within range due to the impact of the high water levels. Dock facilities are in many cases at reduced capacity for various particular reasons. We have been unable to get a confirmed commitment to handle a fleet of boats. There is a reluctance to commit because of the operator’s uncertainty of their status with respect to the high water level impact on their operation and ability to accommodate the fleet.

I understand that from that from an individual boat cruising perspective, there is dockage available around the lake at many locations, but accommodating a fleet in these conditions is too uncertain for confirmations to be made.

This is regrettable but we will look forward to the return of the Trident Long Distance Cruise in 2018.

12 Jun 2017

Sailpast 2017 was a big success

TYC Board 2017

The warm and sunny weather is finally here and Sailpast 2017 is already behind us.  Thanks for all the volunteers who helped make this event a big success.

Stay tuned for more updates about upcoming club events and check out the photo galleries for more pictures from Sailpast 2017.

12 May 2017

Masting days at Trident

Masting has begun at Trident.

Here are some photos of the process using the boom truck (required this year due to the high water levels).  Wind was blowing from the East which raised the water level and pushed more water onto the parking lot. Masting at Trident Yacht Club, Spring 2017

Still, several boats were masted on Tuesday afternoon and more will be lining up today (Friday).  Weather looks perfect for this activity.

09 May 2017

Just in time for the boating season…

A new section was added to the Member’s Corner > Additional Links page.  This section called Cross Border Travel lists several websites with useful information to boaters who are planning to visit the US.

Be sure to check these out before your next trip to the south shore!