Visiting Policies


The Board of Directors and Members of Trident Yacht Club extend a warm welcome to all visitors to Trident Yacht Club. We hope your stay with us will be pleasant and memorable.

Like other well-run clubs, we do have a few regulations regarding visits to TYC.


Visitors requiring guest dockage are requested to call in on VHF Channel 71 and/or tie up at the front service dock and check in on arrival with either the Dock Manager or Club Manager, at the Harbour Master’s office or the club house.


The Board of Directors reviews the policy on the accommodation for visiting yachts annually.  The policy endeavours to be consistent with the traditional values and customs associated with yachting.  At the same time, it reflects the policies adopted by reciprocating clubs and other practical considerations peculiar to TYC.  The current season policy is as follows:

  1. Full status members from clubs on the current year Trident Yacht Club Reciprocal List are allowed to dock their vessel overnight at TYC subject to space availability and the limits set out below.
  2. Reciprocal privilege limits are per vessel. Membership in more than one reciprocal club does not entitle visitors to additional nights docking.
  3. Associate Members of TYC are entitled to the same privileges as visiting members of reciprocal clubs.
  4. The reciprocal privileges of the Club extend only to visiting boats and their complement. If reciprocal visitors wish to invite guests to the Club, permission must be obtained in advance from the Vice Commodore or the Club Manager.
  5. The Fee Structure for Reciprocal Club and TYC Associate Members is as follows:
    1. First night free; Second night free; Subsequent nights $1.25 per foot to a maximum stay of 4 nights per visit and a maximum total of 10 nights docking per boating season.
    2. Fees include HST, water and power, the use of clubhouse facilities and grounds.
    3. Reciprocal guests may also arrange a pump out for their vessel with the Club Manager or Dock Manager at a charge of $20 per pump out.
  6. Non-reciprocal guests of TYC members may dock their vessel overnight for up to 4 nights per boating season at the rate of $1.25 per foot, subject to space availability.

The safety of people and property is our top concern. Please respect the following club rules concerning the use of shore power:

  1. Before you connect your vessel to the dock-supplied shore power, you must have the Club Manager, or Dock Manager, test your shore power connection for any potential stray current. If the test indicates any problem, you will not be permitted to connect to the Club’s shore power.
  2. Do no use any ship-board DC/AC inverters while at dock.
  3. Always connect your shore power cable to your vessel first, before connecting the other end to the power pedestal. When disconnecting, always disconnect from the pedestal first.
  4. Never permit any portion of your shore power cable to touch the water.

There are no permanent visitor docks at TYC. The accommodation of visiting yachts is predicated on the availability of a dock suitable for the size of the yacht. In the event of return of the owner of the dock, the visitor shall be moved, if required. (Visitors are not permitted to leave their boat unattended without notification of the Dock Person/Club Manager. Visitors may not leave their boat unattended for any period longer than 12 hours.)

NOTE: The above policies are an abridged version of the official policies contained in the TYC Rules, Regulations, and Policies Manual.


Applicable charges shall be collected in advance.

Dock Fees: $1.25/ft. (length on deck) daily charge, with a minimum charge of $25.00; check-out time is 1200 hrs; thereafter, an additional daily charge is levied.

Fresh water/electricity: available to all docks/berths, no extra charge. (Please, our scarce fresh potable water is not to be used to clean boats. As indicated by tags/signs, some Clubhouse water pipes use river water.)

Pump-out: $20.00 per holding tank

Showers/washrooms: Available on the first floor of the Clubhouse, no extra charge.

Swimming is not recommended at the Club for safety reasons. Members, guests, and visitors choosing to swim do so at their own risk.

Pets must be on a leash and under control at all times. A “poop and scoop” policy is in effect at TYC. Dog Waste Stations with bag dispensers and disposals are located on the grounds.  No pets are allowed in the Clubhouse or Bateau Lounge.

BBQ: TYC has a number of gas BBQs that are available for free use of the Members and guests. (Note: Use of boat BBQs while at dock is not permitted.)

Ice: Blocks and cubes are available from the ice machine adjacent to the pay phone shelter. The charge is as posted and can be paid by deposit in the box alongside the ice machine. If the ice machine is locked, contact the Club Manager/Dock Manager.

Garbage: Please dispose of your garbage by bagging it and placing it in the large dumpsters in the parking lot behind the club house. Please do not litter the grounds with cigarette butts or dispose of pollutants in the harbour.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse or Bateau Lounge.

Washer/Dryer: available in the utility room, token operated. Iron and ironing board are also available. Contact the Club Manager/Dock Manager for tokens.

Customs Clearance: TYC is a Canada Customs Reporting-In point.

Bar: The TYC bar located on the second floor of the Clubhouse is normally opened at 1800 hrs Fridays throughout the peak of the summer period. Visitors are most welcome. (Cash bar, sorry, no credit.)

Parking: Visiting boaters and their guests are not permitted to use the Club’s parking facilities. (Should this cause a problem for visitors, the matter should be referred to the Club Manager. Arrangements for parking in the Club’s upper property may be made for a daily fee.)

Masting Crane: This is reserved for the use of Members only.


Please respect our Club’s peaceful atmosphere – keep halyards quiet, lines ship shape, no chains on bollards, no unnecessary noise, no loud music, etc.

Parents are responsible for their children at all times. Skippers are responsible for their crew and guests.

The Directors and Members of TYC assume no responsibility for any damage or losses, however caused, to visiting yachts or yacht persons and their crews.

Please enjoy your stay with us!

TYC Board of Directors