28 Jul 2017

Long Distance Cruise Canceled

It seems to be a quite an oxymoron, but the high water levels are causing numerous problems around the lake and the planning of the Long Distance Cruise is no exception. Do ski hills have trouble with too much snow?

We will not be having a Long Distance Cruise this year because we have no remaining choices of destination that can accommodate a fleet of visitors within range due to the impact of the high water levels. Dock facilities are in many cases at reduced capacity for various particular reasons. We have been unable to get a confirmed commitment to handle a fleet of boats. There is a reluctance to commit because of the operator’s uncertainty of their status with respect to the high water level impact on their operation and ability to accommodate the fleet.

I understand that from that from an individual boat cruising perspective, there is dockage available around the lake at many locations, but accommodating a fleet in these conditions is too uncertain for confirmations to be made.

This is regrettable but we will look forward to the return of the Trident Long Distance Cruise in 2018.