12 May 2017

Masting days at Trident

Masting has begun at Trident.

Here are some photos of the process using the boom truck (required this year due to the high water levels).  Wind was blowing from the East which raised the water level and pushed more water onto the parking lot. Masting at Trident Yacht Club, Spring 2017

Still, several boats were masted on Tuesday afternoon and more will be lining up today (Friday).  Weather looks perfect for this activity.

09 May 2017

Just in time for the boating season…

A new section was added to the Member’s Corner > Additional Links page.  This section called Cross Border Travel lists several websites with useful information to boaters who are planning to visit the US.

Be sure to check these out before your next trip to the south shore!


08 May 2017

TYC Season Opener – May 26th and 27th


The first big weekend for Trident is coming up soon.

Make sure to reserve this weekend on your calendar.

May 26th:

  • Friday Night. First TGIF of the year. The club provides salads and dessert. You provide what you are going to BBQ.
  • New Members Reception. Welcome and meet our new members, and we have many this year.

Please make a point of attending this important event.

May 27th:

  • Saturday Morning. The Spring Annual General meeting.
  • Saturday Afternoon. Club beautification, flower planting, grounds and clubhouse cleanup.
  • New members walk about.
  • Saturday evening. The pot luck supper. A great tradition at Trident. Cost of admission – bring something.

More details to follow

Sign-up sheets are on the board in the clubhouse lobby.

07 May 2017

Water levels still rising…

water spilling into East parking lot Spring 2017

The water levels are still rising with part of the East parking lot under water.   The center dock ramp can be seen pointing to the sky as the floating dock rises with the water.

view of the North dock almost submerged

North dock is barely above water, as seen here on picture taken Sunday, May 7, 2017.

Some of the cradles waiting to be moved to the storage area are in the water.

Water pooling behind the seawall

View of the front dock above with water pooling on the grass behind the boardwalk.

South dock ramp at high water levels

South dock is doing well with the ramp parallel to the dock.  We can see some water creeping up behind the boardwalk.

West dock rising with the water

West dock is ok but the seawall and part of the parking is currently under water.  Chapin dock is almost submerged.