29 Jun 2016

Trident Yacht Club Regalia

The TYC Regalia (branded clothing) is being offered a bit differently this year. There is a rack of clothing, that will be, at various times, on display in the clubhouse. When the rack is not on display, it will be available in Liz’s office.

There is a catalogue that accompanies the rack which explains how ordering works. Basically, there are about 25 styles, in both men’s and ladies cuts, that include a wide range of choice including Tee shirts, hoodies, polos, button shirts and jackets. There are also about 12 hat choices. All items will be embroidered with the TYC logo as in the image below.

TYC Regallia

The catalogue has a page for each style that shows an image, description, the sample number, the price and has a size chart for each gender for each item.

There is an order form in the front of the catalogue and more in the back when that one is full.

Fill out the order form as per the instructions and when there are about 25 items the order will be placed. I am hoping to be able to place about three orders this season.

Once the items arrive, you will be notified that orders are at the office. You can pick up your order from Liz and the amount of your order will be added to your monthly TYC bill.

It is that easy.

There will be a few items that will be available at any time and once those items have arrived details will be shared with you.

If you would like to make suggestions on items that you would like to see be available, please let me know or if you have any questions also please let me know.

The best way to reach me is at sam.anderson@proforma.com

Happy Shopping.

Sam Anderson, Midnight Sun, South Dock.

10 Jun 2016

Washroom Renovation Update #8

While you have been enjoying the use of the washrooms – please be advised that there remains some deficiencies to be resolved which will take time. We are getting exceptional follow through from our members: Grant Delaney, Michael Ross and Zoltan Vincze; as well as superb collaboration from our builder RD Steele and their PM George Moore.

Some updates:

Pivot shower doors were installed 08 June 2016.

Switch above shower entrance in men’s and women’s is an override switch to permit continuous operation of fans on weekends.

Hole in countertop for garbage can will be accomplished in the next week

Pot lights were installed in lieu of fluorescent lights in men’s and women’s washrooms

Makeup counter and mirrors will be installed/adjusted post tile work. Emergency light will be installed in universal washroom.

Major Issues:

Deficient tiling is being redone – a significant task. Timelines are significant and additional tile has been ordered with an EDD TBD. Work will be accomplished by individual washroom (universal then women’s then men’s).

Fans still need to be properly adjusted and balanced.

Partitions for toilets and shower stalls have an EDD of next week and will be installed.


Please minimize use of toilet paper – we have low flush toilets since we truck out all sewage.

A label has been placed on toilets to press and hold to ensure good flushing.

Leak in men’s toilet noted and will be repaired.

An automatic priming switch has been installed on well water to preclude need to re-prime manually post power failure.

Lights in washrooms are on a sensor – no need to attempt to turn them on or off – being properly adjusted in near future.

Fans are triggered by the IR sensor in the ceiling unless in override position.

Pierre de Gagné