21 May 2016

Washroom Renovation Update #7

We will have a functional facility for the long weekend but there are still some items not yet completed. RD Steele will ensure safety of operation of the facilities even though some aspects are temporary in nature.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.52.07 PMThere will be some limitations as the partitions are not yet delivered so we will have one toilet in each washroom partitioned – a construction type option for the toilet nearest the west wall by the shower.  The executive washrooms and the universal washroom are also available giving a total of five toilets and two urinals designed for “use”.  All five showers will be functional using shower curtains for partitions.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.51.56 PMRD Steele has installed temporary sinks and partitions. The sink in the universal washroom is functional.  Look at those water heaters!!!

Please use facilities integral to your own vessels where practical and reasonable.

Kitchen is fully functional as is Laundry Room.  Well water available to all docks.  River water is available for the gardens.


Pierre de Gagné

15 May 2016

Washroom Renovation Update #6

Plumbing to the Clubhouse (including hot water) is complete as of 13 May allowing use of kitchen and laundry room.  Neptune’s Bar still needs some significant cleaning which will follow in the next week. A replacement of the lighting and cScreen Shot 2016-05-15 at 9.47.26 AMeiling in the main (north) entrance has been added in order to move this design into the 21st century, to include painting.  Therefore, this area remains a CONSTRUCTION ZONE for the most part.

The projected target for functional washrooms is 19 May. Showers are in place and toilets being installed. Sinks and countertops are scheduled for next week. However, there have been some delays in delivery dates of toilet partitions and shower stall doors and theScreen Shot 2016-05-15 at 9.46.32 AM fan systems in main washrooms. The prime Contractor is expediting where possible and has proposed temporary toilet partitions and shower curtains as an interim measure. An occupancy permit from the City of Kingston is still a requirement and there are never any guarantees.

Please also note that as that the “executive” washrooms are under contract to 20 May with an extension to 1 June at no cost unless required and rented elsewhere.

Pierre de Gagné

07 May 2016

Washroom Renovation Update #5

Things are moving well on the renovation front. Please note that this weekend (May 6,7 and 8) will see some overtime work as it is planned that tiling will commence on the floor and walls.


All inspections to date have “passed”. City of Kingston approved plumbing and this has allowed close in of walls and chase areas. JLR Architects has done three site visits with accompanying Site Observation Reports endorsing progress to date. Future inspections are planned.

WATER STATUS – Potable well water has been provided to the East and West Harbours only at this time. The

Clubhouse will not have water until next week (week of 9 May) but this will include hot water post installation of electric water heaters. Showers will follow in a timely fashion. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, occupancy is anticipated week of 16 May with intent to commission the Universal Washroom earlier pending City of Kingston approvals.

It is noted RD Steele Construction Limited of Brockville has been very proactive in managing this project and coordinating the various sub contractors. A BRAVO ZULU for their efforts and excellent progress to date.

Pierre de Gagné

02 May 2016

Washroom Renovation Update #4

The construction continues to move ahead and the mason’s build of the block wall build was essentially complete 28 April with a picture of the universal washroom and dividing wall taking shape below. The framework is now set for the renovation to move forward.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.11.49 PMWhile not directly related to the renovation effort, please note that river water is available to east and west harbours. Post flushing and test results received on Friday, potable water is now available in the west harbour. Potable water has not yet been turned on in the Clubhouse or East Harbour in order to preclude unnecessary system drainage as we integrate the system and convert the hot water tanks. This situation should be resolved shortly as the inspection of plumbing by City of Kingston is scheduled for 02 May and plumbing work by the sub-contractor will then be focused on the mechanical room.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.11.58 PMOur architects (JLR) also have a commitment to review to ensure all aspects of design including engineering and they will be conducting visits and writing reports. They were on site on 28 April to look at mechanical and electrical installations and will assess structural aspects 02 May. Further inspections will be scheduled as required in order to obtain the necessary releases to allow for occupancy.

Remember that we would not be here without the perseverance of your Building Committee over the last three to five years. A Bravo Zulu for those efforts goes to Matthew Bol, Rob Toller, Donna Perrin, Jane Mackenzie, Pat Heffernan, Mike Ross, Mark Smelko and Phil Gertler.

Pierre de Gagné