23 Aug 2015

Impact of Maintenance Dredging Operations – Sept 14-23, 2015


As per the mandate given by the membership at the Spring General Meeting on 23 May 2015, a statement of work to conduct maintenance dredging was completed and a contract awarded to Thousand Island Marine Construction (TIM), the same company contracted in 2003 to dredge selected areas in the East Harbour. 

The maintenance dredging operations are scheduled for four very specific areas as follows: masting crane area, East Harbour Channel, East side of the pump-out dock, and South side of the South Dock.   The contractor is still awaiting ministry permits, but we anticipate the work to take place between 14 – 23 September 2015.

Impact of dredging operations

Boat Movement: Boats on the Front Dock and West Dock will not be affected by dredging operations, but the movement of boats in and out of the East Harbour will not be possible during this period due to the installation of silt curtains. Members wishing to move their boats out of the East Harbour before the silt curtains are installed must make arrangements with the Manager to relocate their boats to the Front or West dock if space is available.

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